What can fitness do to one’s well-being?

On Fire Fitness & Physical Therapy has one mission: promoting fitness, health and lifestyle changes we all need to stay happy and healthy well into our senior years.

Importance of Physical Activity to our Well-being

Physical activity, at the most basic level, refers to any movement of the body that engages your muscles and expends energy.

One of the best things about physical activity is that there are so many options that there is something for almost all!

The average adult can exercise between 75 and 150 minutes per week, according to experts. This can be a low-intensity activity like walking, hiking, or riding a bike, or a high-intensity activity like running, swimming quickly, aerobics, or rope skipping. Any activity that causes your heart rate to rise, your breathing to quicken, and your body temperature to rise counts as exercise!

A simple way to categorize different forms of physical activity is to divide them into four groups.

Physical activity that you can do everyday
Physical activity for adults may include recreational or leisure-time activities.

In the sense of everyday, family, and community events, transportation (e.g. walking or cycling), occupational activity (i.e. work), household tasks, play, games, athletics, or scheduled exercise

Walking to the bus stop, carrying bags, and climbing stairs are all examples of activities that can contribute to the recommended 150 minutes of exercise a week for the average adult.

Purposeful exercise such as jogging or walking to improve health or fitness, or lifting weights to increase strength.

The unstructured practice carried out for the sake of pleasure or enjoyment.


Football, squash, and cricket are examples of structured and competitive sports. We may play these as part of a group or by ourselves. This can be a fun and engaging way to work out without feeling like you’re exercising.

High-intensity events, such as basketball, athletics, swimming, and keep-fit courses, as well as lower-intensity activities and games, such as snooker or darts, are examples of these activities. Making exercise enjoyable rather than a chore will help you stick to your goals.

What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is described by the government as “a positive physical, social, and mental condition.”

We are concentrating on mental health for our purposes. While there is no universal concept of mental health, it does include factors such as:

  • Feeling good about ourselves and being able to work well on our own or in relationships.
  • The desire to deal with life’s ups and downs, such as overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities.
  • A sense of belonging to our culture and surroundings
  • Having power and independence over our lives is a dream come true for all of us.
  • Feeling respected and having a sense of mission

Of course, mental health does not imply that you will always be happy, nor does it imply that you will never feel unpleasant or painful feelings such as sadness, loss, or failure, which are all part of life. Physical activity, regardless of age, will help you live a mentally healthier life and increase your overall well-being.

All About On Fire Fitness & Physical Therapy

On Fire Fitness & Physical Therapy has one mission: promoting fitness, health, and lifestyle changes we all need to stay happy and healthy well into our senior years. Starting small, focusing on one behavior at a time, and support from others can help you achieve your exercise or other health-related goals. Making a lifestyle change can be challenging, especially when you want to transform many things at once. But we know, the hardest step in climbing to the top of a mountain is the first one.

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